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R/GA redisea la identidad de las farmacias Express Scripts

V1 he was tall and imposing in person, and of undoubted capacity and courage; but old and, according to his enemies, very avaricious. [48] The Colonial Minister gave him special instructions regarding that thorn in the side of Canada, Oswego. To attack it openly would be indiscreet, as the two nations were at peace; but there was a way of dealing with it less hazardous, if not more lawful. This was to attack it vicariously by means of the Iroquois. "If Abbé Piquet succeeds in his mission," wrote the Minister to the new Governor, "we can easily persuade these savages to destroy Oswego. This is of the utmost importance; but act with great caution." [49] In the next year the Minister wrote again: "The only means that can be used for such an operation in time of peace are those of the Iroquois. If by making these savages regard such an establishment [Oswego] as opposed to their liberty, and, so to speak, a usurpation by which the English mean to get possession of their lands, they could be induced to undertake its destruction, an operation of the sort is not to be neglected; but M. le Marquis de la Jonquière should feel with what circumspection such an affair should be conducted, and he should labor to accomplish it in a manner not to commit himself." [50] To this La 79In the heterogeneous structure of the British colonies, their clashing interests, their internal disputes, and the misplaced economy of penny-wise and short-sighted assembly-men, lay the hope of France. The rulers of Canada knew the vast numerical preponderance of their rivals; but with their centralized organization they felt themselves more than a match for any one English colony alone. They hoped to wage war under the guise of peace, and to deal with the enemy in detail; and they at length perceived that the fork of the Ohio, so strangely neglected by the English, formed, together with Niagara, the key of the Great West. Could France hold firmly these two controlling passes, she might almost boast herself mistress of the continent.R/GA, la mtica agencia creativa fundada en 1977 por los hermanos Bob y Richard Greenberg, ha sido la encargada de renovar la identidad de Express Scripts, el primer y ms importante proveedor de productos farmacuticos a domicilio de Estados Unidos. Con un cliente as, que vislumbr la importancia de un servicio…


Following the Sun, luminarias y mobiliario de Yakusha Design. Rsticos y elegantes

Many incidents of this troubled time are preserved, but none of them are so well worth the record as the defence of the fort at Verchères by the young daughter of the seignior. Many years later, the Marquis de Beauharnais, governor of Canada, caused the story to be written down from the recital of the heroine herself. Verchères was on the south shore of the St. Lawrence, about twenty miles below Montreal. A strong blockhouse stood outside the fort, and was connected with it by a covered way. On the morning of the twenty-second of October, the inhabitants were at work in the fields, and nobody was left in the place but two soldiers, two boys, an old man of eighty, 303 and a number of women and children. The seignior, formerly an officer of the regiment of Carignan, was on duty at Quebec; his wife was at Montreal; and their daughter Madeleine, fourteen years of age, was at the landing-place not far from the gate of the fort, with a hired man named Laviolette. Suddenly she heard firing from the direction where the settlers were at work, and an instant after Laviolette cried out, "Run, Mademoiselle, run! here come the Iroquois!" She turned and saw forty or fifty of them at the distance of a pistol-shot. "I ran for the fort, commending myself to the Holy Virgin. The Iroquois who chased after me, seeing that they could not catch me alive before I reached the gate, stopped and fired at me. The bullets whistled about my ears, and made the time seem very long. As soon as I was near enough to be heard, I cried out, To arms! to arms! hoping that somebody would come out and help me; but it was of no use. The two soldiers in the fort were so scared that they had hidden in the blockhouse. At the gate, I found two women crying for their husbands, who had just been killed. I made them go in, and then shut the gate. I next thought what I could do to save myself and the few people with me. I went to inspect the fort, and found that several palisades had fallen down, and left openings by which the enemy could easily get in. I ordered them to be set up again, and helped to carry them myself. When the breaches were stopped, I went to the blockhouse where the ammunition is kept, and 304 here I found the two soldiers, one hiding in a corner, and the other with a lighted match in his hand. 'What are you going to do with that match?' I asked. He answered, 'Light the powder, and blow us all up.' 'You are a miserable coward,' said I, 'go out of this place.' I spoke so resolutely that he obeyed. I then threw off my bonnet; and, after putting on a hat and taking a gun, I said to my two brothers: 'Let us fight to the death. We are fighting for our country and our religion. Remember that our father has taught you that gentlemen are born to shed their blood for the service of God and the king.'"Faina, el sello bajo el cual el estudio ucraniano Yakusha Design canaliza parte de su produccin creativa, presenta Following the Sun, una brutal coleccin de corte escultrico compuesta de seis piezas principales (iluminacin y mobiliario) que exploran y explotan con gran…


Lybra Balance, la luminaria funambulista de Zanwen Li

El diseador industrial chino Zanwen Li siempre se las arregla para incluir, o mejor dicho, para articular sus proyectos a…

Wild Bulbing, las luminarias salvajes de Studio Cheha

Cheha, el estudio israel especializado en diseo de iluminacin, firma Wild Bulbing, una desenfadada coleccin de lmparas de mesa que…
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Diseo editorial, de Yuta Takahashi para Michael Debus. Minimalismo japons

El diseador japons Yuta Takahashi ha sido el encargado del diseo editorial del libro de Michael Debus,Erkenntnisweg und Heiliger Geist, una entrega que, mediante la filosofa, intenta desentraar la sabidura transmitida a travs de mitos y leyendas, desmitificndolos en muchos casos.


Airframe 01, un armario inspirado en los primeros aviones

[153] "La vieille Angleterre ne s'imaginera pas que ces diverses Provinces se réuniront, et, secouant le joug de la monarchie Anglaise, s'érigeront en démocratie."—Mémoire sur la Nouvelle Angleterre, 1710, 1711. (Archives de la Marine.)Los armarios suelen ser muebles robustos y pesados, aptos para almacenar un peso muy superior al suyo. Airframe 01 tan solo pesa 18,5 kilogramos. El estudio de diseo holands Mieke Meijer, creador del material NewspaperWood, asumi el reto que la empresa de materiales de construccin Baars & Bloemhoff le encarg para la exposicin Transitions, en el marco de la Dutch Design Week 2015.


Whittle Away, las refrescantes unidades de almacenamiento de Stoft Studio

Los diseadores industriales suecos Jenny Ekdahl, Ola Nystedt y Joel Herslow, socios fundadores de Stoft Studio, son los responsables de…

Color Flow: las cambiantes unidades de almacenamiento de Orijeen

Orijeen, el estudio surcoreano fundado en 2015 por Jeen Seo, es el autor de Color Flow, un juego de unidades…

Color y mezcla de influencias en el nuevo proyecto Sella en el centro de Londres

[22] "Le Supérieur du dit Couvent estant lié avec le Gouverneur de la dite ville par des interests que tout le monde scait et qu'on n'oseroit exprimer de peur de faire rougir le papier." Extrait du Mandement de l'évesque de Québec (Archives Nationales). He had before charged Mareuil with language "capable de faire rougir le ciel."He laid his plans before Count de Maurepas by a characteristic memorial, apparently written in 1699. In this he proposed to gather all the tribes of the lakes at Detroit, civilize them and teach them French, "insomuch that from pagans they would become children of the Church, and therefore good subjects of the King." They will form, he continues, a considerable settlement, "strong enough to bring the English and the Iroquois to reason, or, with help from Montreal, to destroy both of them." Detroit, he adds, should be the seat of trade, which should not be permitted in the countries beyond it. By this regulation the intolerable glut of beaver-skins, which spoils the market, may be prevented. This proposed restriction of the beaver-trade to Detroit was enough in itself to raise a tempest against the whole scheme.[Pg 24] "Cadillac well knows that he has enemies," pursues the memorial, "but he keeps on his way without turning or stopping for the noise of the puppies who bark after him."[24]Sella, el estudio britnico fundado por las diseadoras Tatjana von Stein y Gayle Noonan, es el responsable de un interesante proyecto de interiorismo en pleno centro de Londres que combina referencias culturales, materiales y buen gusto, para obtener un restobar atpico sin caer en la excentricidad ni clichs.